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In view of Plastic Cow Project, tomorrow, we are going to place 'Gau Grass Bins' on Patel Marg, adjacent to Wilfred College in assistance with NGO 'Help and Sufferings'. Details of the activities are as under:- 1. Assembly Point- In front of Wilfred College main Gate. 2. Date&Time- 24Mar21/ 8AM. 3. Activity Area- Patel Marg. 4. Comfortable dress with sports shoes. 5. Display charts may please be made available. All students are are requested to attend

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From The Secretary Desk

The educational scenario in the recent past has witnessed manifold changes in the academic inclinations of the young minds. The ever-growing globalization and resurgence of open economy have led to an enormous demand for qualified youth bearing academic excellence.

The St. Wilfred’s Group of Institutions has been set up under the aegis of St. Wilfred’s Universe with a view to promote quality higher education which is innovative and need based.

As we accompany the students through their college life preparing them for the known and unknown experiences and challenges of the third millennium, we rekindle their enthusiasm and help them to be good human being determined to preserve the legacy of this beautiful world.

We welcome those who wish to be the unfurling companions on this odyssey of intellect and emotion of this family, each member exhibiting a sense of pride and an awareness of the obligation that comes from being a part of it.

Wishing you success in all your endeavours.

Dr. Keshav Badaya
Honorable Secretary

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